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Work It Out: Fitness in Recovery

Living a sober life starts with focusing on yourself. A big part of that is finding things to do that do not include using drugs or alcohol, which can be difficult because this now means changing environments we are familiar with, surrounding ourselves with different people, and often having to avoid situations where drugs or alcohol may be a big part of the activities. Because it is such a prevalent part of society today, it can feel like there’s nothing to do that doesn’t involve drinking or doing drugs, especially in the social situations we are most used to. One main activity that is something that requires a lot of focus and work and can be done often, if not every day in a variety of different forms, is fitness. Fitness may take work, but the reward is greater and longer lasting than many other activities. Fitness can be individual and social and can you make you feel confident and fulfilled as it is one of the rare activities where you can actually see and feel the results.

Working out is therapeutic. It is an ideal outlet because it benefits an individual on multiple levels. For one, it makes you feel more confident about yourself. Working out not only makes you healthier but you are happier with the way you look. It’s a reality. No, you don’t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger but after you do a mean workout, it’s okay to feel like Arnold. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you look good. Everything is not about looks of course, but we all know it helps when you are happy with your body. You must determine what makes you happy and that’s where health comes in. Because when it comes to our looks, it’s important to remember balance. Create achievable goals and reach them in a healthy way.

Results won’t happen overnight, but you will start feeling better right away because when you exercise you release chemicals that make you feel good such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. Fitness activities don’t all have to be miserable like some people complain it is because while some may be physically taxing, exercise can be practiced as meditation, used as a time to listen to music, and is an opportunity to just get away from the everyday stresses of life.

Exercise helps with cardiovascular health and diabetes, lowers the risk of some types of cancers, stimulates the immune system, and can even help alleviate depression symptoms. As the body and mind continue to return to a more normal state, many people in recovery find exercise also helps restore a normal sleep schedule. Working out helps you feel better mentally and physically in both the short and long term, which makes it a valuable part of your recovery.

Everyone needs a kick in the butt to get in the gym, so make the kick start your recovery and get moving towards a happier and healthier body and mind. Beachview Treatment stresses fitness as a part of our view. Regardless of one’s situation, getting into a workout routine can be intimidating, but we are here to provide you with a place to start.

Along with a balanced diet, a baseline fitness plan can completely change the way one feels, both mentally and physically and can begin with a simple 3 day a week program. To view this program and get started on your workouts, read our upcoming blog: The 3-Day Fitness Program.

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