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Beachview knows that where you recover matters. That’s why specialized care and attention has been invested in each treatment center you enter. Your time with us is spent in environments that help ease you through detox, allow you to be apart of a community that cares, and make you to feel at home while living in SoCal’s beautiful beach city residences.


No one person is the same, so no treatment should be either. Detoxification is the beginning step towards a healthier and ultimately happier future. This crucial step must be taken with the utmost attention and care, which is why Beachview focuses on safety first. Qualified professionals provide those going through what we know can be a scary experience the support they need.

As soon as an individual enters, they are medically assessed by a medical professional. We ensure clinical care and therapeutic services are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Beachview does all we can to get you through this. You're not alone. From activities that remind you what you're doing this all for to being supported by a community who is going through it too or has been where you are, Beachview understands. Our promise to you is to do everything we can to get you back on your feet again.


Beachview focuses on long-term sobriety, which is why we believe residential treatment to be a crucial step in lasting recovery. Residential treatment at Beachview is ideal for those who will benefit from a structured environment with highly individualized attention. Our clients will be equipped with real life applicable strategies, work skills, and relapse prevention. They will have access to trained, licensed, and certified clinicians. Your goals matter to us, so we make it our point to help you discover and reach them.


Guiding you through not only addiction recovery but also the process of discovering your true self is our focus. We want you to see, know, and feel all life has to offer. Residential programs ensure a structured schedule to help build a solid foundation for growth. We get you out there in the unique beauty of our widely sought location providing you a place that fits with people who get it. Make lifelong friends and build a strong foundation for the future by finding your view in our beach city residences in Southern California.


Recovery is ongoing, which is why Beachview Outpatient Programs focus on creating a solid foundation for long lasting sobriety customized to a level of care that meets individual client needs. Most often, outpatient care begins after completing detoxification and/or residential treatment. Building on a strong foundation continually developed in the outpatient programs, you can solidify your recovery and take back control of your life.


Through outpatient, clients have the opportunity to live in homes that foster an ongoing recovery based lifestyle to help maintain sobriety while transitioning into a healthy, fulfilling, and functional way of living. Within our different levels of outpatient programming, our centers provide continued education, relapse prevention skills, individual support with access to case managers and therapists, and group support where you can be a part of a community that gets it. 


Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) offers the opportunity to begin using recovery skills learned during residential treatment while at the same time receiving continued support, which creates the perfect balance between clinical supervision and personal responsibility. PHP incorporates structured real life challenges to the treatment routine to foster individual responsibility and coping for long-term sustained recovery.


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) allows the flexibility to maintain daily normal routines while still focusing on continued sobriety. IOP is a treatment option for those who do not have the means to leave career or family commitments for an extended period but want to continue receiving support allowing both independence and structure to co-exist easing the transition during early recovery.

Outpatient Program (OP) is for those who feel more solidified and comfortable in their recovery and are in the process of integrating back into normal daily routines and still having access to guidance and support. In OP, clients have access to group counseling, individual therapy, career guidance, while maintaining accountability as you make strides towards your dream life.


One-on-one therapeutic support that explores authentic connections to discover new, healthy ways of living.

Couples Recovery

Permitting couples to recover together to foster and promote healthy relationships that provide clients with the ability to utilize the support system of a significant other.

Luxurious Living

Properties located in beautiful Huntington Beach just steps from the ocean.

24 Hour Care

Around the clock care with live in medical professionals that are certified and experienced in the field.



Access to nutritional guidance and maintenance to help build healthier habits.

Group Support

 Support that allows individuals to come together to share thoughts and experiences to better understand one's own situation, and to learn from each other.


Hand selected staff

who not only cares but understands each client they come in contact with.

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