Dylan created Beachview because he believes that sometimes all we need is a second chance. Addiction is something he personally struggled with from a young age experiencing multiple treatment facilities in both Washington and California. He was eventually able to begin his lasting sobriety in Orange County. Having real accounts of being a part of programs that were missing key components needed for successful recovery, Dylan saw an opportunity to really make a difference. He recognized that the necessary time isn’t always taken to actually get to know clients. Most see a client often as one of many. Having been a part of the many, he sought ways to make sure those suffering from addiction were treated as the individuals they are by addressing and learning their specific needs and doing everything in his means to meet those needs.



Throughout his journey, he has experienced loss and has made mistakes. As a result, he has found opportunity to learn and grow from it all. Dylan is now more than ever tirelessly devoted to being an example for others by illustrating that the work on one’s self is ongoing. Believing that one can always learn from another, from experiences, and can continuously grow and improve in life, Dylan recognizes how one step in the right direction can go a long way.


His hard work and dedication is unrivaled. From graduating college at Central Washington University to creating a treatment center founded on honesty, faith, and perseverance, Dylan has and continues to better himself and those around him. From active addiction to finding himself and his calling in the very community that helped him, his focus is giving back by applying what he has gained to help as many people as possible around him. Dylan will truly give the shirt off his back to help those who really want to help themselves, and Beachview is the quintessential embodiment of Dylan’s dream to change the way the world views addiction because a change of view really can change a life.



“As our operations director, I work directly with clients to assist their treatment while improving their quality of life and transitioning them back into society. There is nothing quite as fulfilling as being a part of a client's successful recovery.”




"I will help you unpack the history of the problematic behavior and help you see how you actually feel about it. I intend to help you better understand the motivation underneath the patterns of thinking and behaviors that make you feel trapped and overwhelmed.  Do not leave for tomorrow, what you can do today."



“Addiction is one of the hardest challenges to face especially due to society's view on how to deal with this global issue.  I believe in meeting the client where they are and recognizing their positive attributes to build their confidence and motivation. 




"I feel grateful to have the chance to give back and help others with their recovery. Truly, I believe that's what the program is all about, that's what sobriety is all about. With my experience, I hope to continue to remind people 

they are not alone."

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"I started working here when they first opened, and with hard work, a program, and a desire to help others, I have had the honor of growing with the company. No feeling is better than when a client who successfully completes our program gets to come in and start volunteering and beginning their career in treatment."