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Get to Know You: 16 Personalities

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Ever feel like people don't understand you? Ever don't understand people? Heck, ever not understand yourself? Conflicts in our lives are almost always avoidable, or at least resolved, with a little bit of understanding. Myers-Briggs is a way to help us do just that-- understand, ourselves and each other and not only accept but embrace our differences. Personal growth begins with knowing yourself; recovery is no different. By learning more about how you make decisions, why you feel the way you do, and how you think overall, you begin to build a solid foundation of knowing yourself.

"We cannot safely assume that other people's minds work on the same principles as our own. All too often, others with whom we come in contact do not reason as we reason, or do not value the things we value, or are not interested in what interests us." - Isabel Briggs Myers

The Myers-Briggs personality test was developed to help people get to know themselves better. is a website that offers this for free. When taking the test, answer the questions as brutally honest as possible since you're not getting graded, so just be real. The realer the responses, the realer the results. Try not to answer neutral if possible, but do so when necessary. It is crazy accurate and provides you with aha moments. Understand yourself better and get other people too. Share it with friends and family and you'll be surprised at how many things in your relationships will make so much more sense. Read through the site and your results and finally feel understood.

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